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As an Intuitive Life Coach and energy medicine therapist, I help people unravel the spaghetti in their heads which in turn releases the tension from their bodies. Thus, leaving them feeling calm, centred and empowered to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

I offer a holistic approach and see the therapeutic relationship as a partnership, with my role being an enabler and supporter for change. By doing this, I empower you to identify your desired outcome and then deliver a course of tailored options to help you achieve it.

Energy medicine therapies work holistically.  As a result, this awakens your inner doctor so that you can heal from within, reconnect with your inner wisdom and transform your life. These sessions work cumulatively providing exponential results over time.  There is no magic pill nor is there one size fits all.

Your health is your greatest wealth. Are you ready and willing to invest in yourself today?


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Personal Performance Coaching

As your intuitive life coach, I will accompany you on a voyage of self-discovery and personal transformation

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Wellbeing Review

Your body is your vehicle through this life and just like a car it needs regular maintenance, good quality fuel and regular use.

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Kinesiology Treatment Options

A truly holistic approach, Kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, uses the body’s biofeedback mechanism to detect and correct imbalances in your energy system.

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Massage Treatment Options

This revolutionary approach to massage is deep and powerful, yet oh so gentle, and is fast gaining a reputation as the Gentle Giant.

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Reflexology Treatment Options

Reflexology works on the principle that the body’s organs and systems are represented by reflexes on the feet therefore stimulating these reflexes induces deep relaxation, encouraging the body to heal from within.

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Reiki Treatment Options

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that may in turn promote healing. 

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