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With a plethora of happy clients, Relax into Health is blessed to be able to change so many lives in so many ways!  This is why I do what I do…

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Debbie. W – Sales Assistant, Maidenhead

Cheryl offers a professional service in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. No matter how I might feel at the start of my session by the end I am calm and relaxed. I originally booked in for reiki to help with my anxiety which I had been suffering with for approximately two years, but was advised that kinesiology would be best for me. After my first session I came away feeling totally relaxed with no anxiety and was amazed at how different I felt. I feel like a completely new person and only wish I had been to see Cheryl a lot sooner. I cannot praise Cheryl highly enough, she has changed my life

CP, mother – Maidenhead

I first met Cheryl at a pamper evening and then went to her for aromatherapy massages to help with my back. More recently my daughter has been under hospital care for severe symptoms similar to colitis.  After trying medications plus a few other therapies, the symptoms had improved but not enough for her to get through her GCSEs easily. Cheryl suggested she try Kinesiology. I trust Cheryl and her professional opinion so took her suggestion on board even though I’d not heard of Kinesiology

My daughter was apprehensive but was quickly made to feel at ease by Cheryl’s caring and calm manner. She left the first session relaxed but a little unsure as the treatment is so different from anything that she’s experienced before. After several sessions we both saw the benefits, her pain levels had reduced and her symptoms had improved. My daughter and I feel that, along with the medication she is on, the Kinesiology sessions with Cheryl benefitted her greatly. Not only helping with her symptoms but also had a positive effect on the anxiety issues she struggles with. 

I cannot recommend Cheryl enough. She gets the mix of professional yet caring just right and is always striving to find new ways to improve the services she offers and give added value to her clients.

E.W. – Knowl Hill

I can’t recommend Cheryl highly enough. She provides an extremely professional service in a relaxing and comforting environment. Regardless of my state of mind on arrival at my appointment, I can guarantee, whatever treatment I have, I will leave feeling calm, nurtured and revitalised. Thank you Cheryl.

Fiona T  – Maidenhead

Cheryl is first and foremost approachable, friendly and a consummate professional.  She has a wide knowledge of many therapies and talks with confidence. She is empathic and client focused. She facilitates the healing process by empowering you to identify and make the changes necessary to get your life back on track. Her room is clean, comfortable – an oasis of relaxation.

Ginny Jago – Teacher, Maidenhead

She welcomed me into her home and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, explaining every step and process. I had 6 weeks of massages and got more than I’d hoped for.

Cheryl is more to me than a masseuse, she has become a guide and a healer, helping me through many changes and stresses. She delivers a personalised consultation before every session and her guidance has helped to inspire me to become a better version of myself which the massages facilitate. I continue to see Cheryl once a month and really notice the difference after every session.

Ashley Bryant, Businessman – Taplow 

My attitude to life is that life is very short and the older one is, the faster life seems to pass one by. I had been made redundant and my sister gave me a Massage gift voucher as a birthday present. Given such a wonderful opportunity I thought, why not give it a go for the experience. It was a decision that quite frankly has changed the way that I experience and now view life!

LA, Retired – Maidenhead

I have been a regular client of Cheryl’s since 2007. I first came for Reflexology and within minutes of being in the company of this gifted lady, I discovered so much about my feet, my mind and my body.  Her Reiki sessions always astound me. How she achieves what she does with Reiki is quite remarkable. A massage with Cheryl is a unique experience. It enables you to release, transform and revitalise your body and mind.  I have made a long term investment in Cheryl’s gifts and skills and in so doing have found the dividends I have received in return have been incredibly overwhelming.

Cheryl King, Mother – Cookham

My husband and I have been clients of Cheryl’s for many years now, and I usually have a massage every 4-6 weeks.  It is a totally justifiable treat because she puts so much into it, and I get so much out of it.  She treats the whole ‘me’ with care, confidence and respect, and every treatment is a wonderful experience of calm and revitalisation.  Cheryl’s approach, professionalism and skill is vastly superior to that of any other therapist I have seen.  I will be a client for as long as Cheryl is a therapist!

Brian Wall, BPM Business Consultant at BML Solutions Ltd

Cheryl works with you to attain the results you look for and need. She will go that extra mile to ensure each therapy session meets or exceeds your desired outcome and that a series of sessions provide exponentially cumulative results. After more than 6 sessions, I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl!

TM – Business Coach, Maidenhead

Coming to you for reflexology always calms me down especially before my period. It seems you have the ability to detox my body as well as uplift my energy. I find you a good listener and always leave with useful advice and often with a blend of aromatherapy oils. The fact that you are familiar with and trained in many areas helps me to get the best treatment. Thank you

Jan Ward – Maidenhead

I have been seeing Cheryl for the past 11 years, for Reflexology, Reiki and more recently Massage all of which rebalance me and help me to live a normal life and manage my MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Cheryl is a consummate professional in all aspects of her work and updates her skills on a regular basis. This enables her to give the best treatments to meet individual needs.  She does this in a most caring and empathetic way, which gives the client confidence. Her treatment room is private and decorated in a style which promotes calm and well-being.  I can’t endorse her highly enough.

Sarah Owen – So More Than Yoga, Maidenhead

I came to see Cheryl for a reflexology treatment, and came away with much, much more! After a consultation to look at different areas of my life, I went on to enjoy a course that consisted of reflexology, kinesiology and remedies to support my lifestyle. I now feel more relaxed, happy and my life feels like its on track. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended. Thank you Cheryl.

MS – Cookham Dean

My first appointment with Cheryl was in 2002 when, using Reflexology, she identified and alleviated a recurring referred pain which had originated from a whiplash injury. Since that time, I have relied on Cheryl to take away my aches and pains, point me in the right direction with exercise and diet and to give me the best massage ever when I need a boost.

Cheryl is a very impressive, approachable lady and is always enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills which complement and build on her existing portfolio. If you are considering contacting Cheryl, let me tell you honestly, you are in for a real treat.

VP, Teacher – Maidenhead

I met Cheryl ten years ago at a pamper evening. At the time I had just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was really struggling to manage my condition. I have been having regular reflexology ever since. Not only has Cheryl helped me manage the physical aspects of my condition but she has been there as my mini champion when my emotions become unbalanced. She has given me the guidance and tools to use to help as well as just being a mighty fine listener.

Louise Lithgow-Dicker, HR Consultant- Cookham

I was pregnant with my second child and had not had the best experience with my first child. So in the later stages of my pregnancy I decided to look at Reflexology as a possible aid.  I was new to the area so searched on line and Cheryl’s details mentioned maternity/pregnancy sessions. I knew it was important for me to see someone who could really help me. From the first session I felt very chilled and on my way to being relaxed. We were having a large scale house extension that was running late so the first session was a great release. Cheryl gave me the confidence and belief in myself that the birth would be how I wanted it to be as I was in control. My son was born 2 days early and was a natural delivery – a total contrast to my first child’s birth.  Cheryl was wonderful through the whole experience and I really can’t recommend her enough.

AA – Holyport

I have been totally amazed by Cheryl’s talents as a Reflexologist. From the start of my treatments I found her to be empathic which gave me a sense that she really wanted to help me by listening and making thorough notes.  I feel that her caring, sensitive and gentle nature and her own experiences in life enable her to understand and am sure has helped in making my treatments a real success. Cheryl is very thorough in her treatments and is able to alter her techniques to suit my needs. She gives me the feeling she has a real passion for her job and is very conscientious.

Michelle – Cox Green

I had suffered debilitating migraines since my early teens, during which time I had been given endless pills and drugs while under the doctor with no lasting effect. I was then introduced to Cheryl by a family member who had also had regular migraines. I am happy to say that within a very short time of commencing my course of reflexology my migraines had decreased in frequency. Now if I do have an attack I class it as a “bad headache” and can continue working through it and more importantly do not have to put my social life on hold. Not only has Cheryl helped enormously with my condition but her care and attention during our sessions helps to relax me and promote a general feeling of wellbeing.

M B – Cippenham

A good friend recommended I go to Cheryl for Reiki for a stubborn pain in my shoulder. The treatment itself was a restful and pleasant experience and the shoulder problem cleared up after a few sessions.

I turned to Cheryl for Reiki again following on from major heart surgery. We scheduled regular half hour sessions and after each one I felt energised and stabilised. Reiki helps to dispel the tensions resulting from anxiety and enables me able to cope better. I always feel a little stronger after a Reiki session and over time the effects have lasted longer. Whilst I am still recovering, I am sure that I am further along than I would have been without my Reiki sessions.

Cheryl takes time to listen to my concerns and developments in my conventional treatments, which have been many and frequent. We set objectives for each session to guide the focus of the treatments. Cheryl has definitely helped me to regain my strength and confidence while I get myself back to normal activity levels.

Juswant Rai, Director at Berkshire Property Meet Ltd

Cheryl was my first Reiki practitioner and it was a brilliant experience. I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience. It was explained to me exactly what was going to happen and how the session would go. I enjoyed the session so much I booked further sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cheryl. She has a great manner and makes you feel very at ease. If you are thinking about it then this is the lady to see in Berkshire.

Alan J Roll – Cookham

I would like to thank you for the wonderful treatment I have received from you. I came with a frozen shoulder with which I had suffered for six months. During this time I had tried several methods of treatment including physiotherapy to regain mobility and try to relieve the pain.

You were recommended to me by a friend and from the first treatment the mobility in my shoulder improved significantly, and the pain reduced so much so that I was able to sleep on that side for the first time in six months.

I have experienced improvements after each visit not just in my shoulder by in my neck – I can now turn my head without turning my shoulders. I can put a jacket or jumper on unassisted, my sleep has improved, my energy levels have risen, migraines are a thing of the past and I have not been troubled with arthritis in my fingers with which I can now pick up the smallest item with ease.

Your skill in massage is excellent and I feel relaxed and pain free after my visits. Thank you so much for your care.

Sue T – Retired, Maidenhead

Having a massage with Cheryl is a real treat. She cleverly uses the different techniques she specialises in to give you a really relaxing and uplifting experience that sets you up for the rest of the day. You know you are in good hands because she invests a significant amount of her time in continuous professional development – making sure she is up to date with the latest techniques and expanding her knowledge to take on board new ways of doing things – all for the benefit of her clients. Cheryl’s treatment room is well designed with all the latest equipment – and a massage with Cheryl is always unhurried and relaxing. I’ve now been coming to Cheryl for a number of years – and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Why don’t you give it a try?

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