Performance CoachingImagine your life as a ship and you as its Captain. Are you the master of your destiny? Is your ship on course, adrift or is it anchored in safe harbour?

We come into this world with limitless potential and a natural ability to create, it’s what makes us unique. As children we develop fantasy by acting out roles and through make believe, acting as if what we’ve created is real.  We can be, do and have anything – just by pretending. Life’s exciting and magical.

Sadly few of us come anywhere near to tapping into our full creative potential. Too often, it’s suppressed by our education, parental or religious training. We learn to ignore our inner voice and mistrust our visions. This limits our experience of life, leaving us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Whether we like it or not we are the creators of our own reality, either consciously or unconsciously. Our perception of life affects our emotions, which affect our actions.

The good news is that at any given moment, we can change our perception. As we cross the threshold into our creative world, we enter the realm of the imagination – the place where our intention can create our reality.  By shifting the trajectory of the momentum tunnel by just one degree either way, we begin to create our destiny. Every thing you create already exists in some form in consciousness before it’s ever made, therefore if you can imagine it, you can create it.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” Michelangelo.

In 2010 I was in an unhealthy marriage, working long hours to gain the financial independence, I believed was necessary to break free. My life was out of balance …I was burned out. It took a motorcycle accident to wake me up and re-evaluate my life.

I invite you to remember a favourite childhood fairytale or fable … What is it about it that resonates with you?

Fairytales can influence our destiny.  They give us choices on how to survive in this world.  If, like me, yours is Snow White, the chances are you chose to hide your light and play small in this life.

Identifying and re-writing the ending of my life script, was an emotionally intense experience.  It tapped into a number of limiting beliefs. Here I will to share with you the revised ending and the impact it’s had on my life thus far.

Instead of settling for an ordinary life, Snow White chose the extra-ordinary.  An adventurer and explorer, she thanked the dwarves for their help and support and said goodbye. With a spring in her step she took the winding path up a mountain passing the glass case from which she had been released the day before. She continued to climb onwards and upwards, through a thin veil of clouds, to the top where the air was cool and clear. There she stood on a ledge with a sheer drop below. Standing precariously on the edge, with her heart pounding and her belly fluttering with excitement, she raised her arms out to the side and looking straight ahead, took a deep breath and stepped off!

Plummeting down with the force of gravity, it quite took her breath away. She could hear the wind whistling in her ears and felt its coolness across her cheeks. She dropped through the clouds which broke her fall, slowing her down until she found herself supported by a warm current of air. When she dared to look she saw that her arms were now long, sleek, powerful wings. She had transformed into a magnificent golden eagle!

As she regained her breath and balance she became aware of an inner stillness. She felt invigorated and full of energy and was surprised at how effortless flying as an eagle was. Her vision was crystal clear. Far down in the valley below, she saw her wicked stepmother’s castle on the far side of the forest – but she was no longer afraid. Instead she felt strong and powerful. She was free to soar.

Over time Snow White travelled to many lands, empowering young and old alike to discover their truth, spread their wings and follow their dreams. She became a beacon of inspiration and lived to a great age,  secure in the knowledge that having let her light shine, she had given others permission to do the same”.

That was nine years ago.  

What I hadn’t realised was that my “Prince” was already in my field of awareness. He emerged from the shadows and shone a light on my strength and courage, and opened my eyes to new horizons.

Three months later I pulled up anchor and prepared to set sail, leaving my marriage and home of 21 years behind me. I was in uncharted waters. I’d no idea where I’d live or how I’d survive financially. All I knew was that I had to listen to and follow my heart, my inner voice.

My trust paid off, I set the intention to find a house in a quiet location, close to countryside with space for a clinic and parking outside. I got that and much more. Admittedly the house needed a lot of work but I had the vision to see its potential and let my creativity flow. I now have a beautiful home for which I am very grateful.

At that time I was keen to improve my presentation skills. A good friend, one of life’s ‘angels’ invited me to a contest run by Maidenhead Speakers Club. Inspired by the quality of the speeches I’d heard, I answered the call and joined. There I also met a new partner. All was well in my world – for a while.

Over time my insecurities began to re-surface. Anxious Annie and Saboteur Sally hijacked my ship and took the helm. Confident Connie and Courageous Carmen jumped overboard. I was all at sea and began to drift.

Then another of earth’s ‘angels’ introduced me to the Medicine Wheel. Inspired by what I learned I asked about the training and was handed a leaflet with a condor eagle on the cover. I felt an inexplicable tug at my heart and tears welled up. I answered my soul’s call to follow the Way of the Shaman with Spirit of the Inca.

Over the next 18 months I shed my old ill-fitting skin, danced with my shadows, let go of my teachers, labels and roles and was stripped back to my essence. I re-connected with my purpose and enrolled as a student with the Coaching Academy. It was an amazing journey re-remembering who I am – although not for the feint-hearted.

Then just as I prepared to spread my wings and fly, the Universe sent me a massive curveball and I came down to earth with a bump! My son, Jay, experienced an acute psychotic episode, due to anxiety and caffeine-induced sleep deprivation. As a result he was sectioned, for his safety, and sent to a psychiatric unit!

We weren’t allowed to stay with him that night – the ‘rules’ didn’t allow it. I can honestly say that that was the worst night of my life. My son was out of his mind, frightened for his life and there was nothing I could do! My only experience of psychiatric units was watching the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, so you can imagine where my mind went that night. So many unanswered questions! What would they do to him? How long would he be there? How would this affect his future? Would he ever return to normal?

Once again I was in uncharted territory – blown off course, adrift in turbulent waters with no idea when the storm would pass. It’s been a choppy voyage of self-discovery for both of us. There have been times of stillness and others when wave after wave came crashing down upon us. There were times when I wanted to jump ship, but somehow I summoned the inner strength to keep going.

When I reflect upon this time, I can see that I was able to draw upon strengths and skills I didn’t know I had and acquired new skills to help me navigate future storms, Covid-19 as an example.  Jay’s mental dis-ease has taught me to:

  • take full responsibility for my self-care in order to build and maintain my resilience
  • be true to myself
  • be my own best friend.

Discovering and releasing my creative power has enabled me to:

  • consciously create my reality
  • see challenges as opportunities to grow
  • listen to and trust my inner GPS
  • re-align with my purpose

How much we allow our creativity to flow determines the richness of our lives. I’m a work in progress and with practice learning to stay in the eye of the storm and adjust my sails. When I do life flows with ease and grace.

We’re living in a moment in history where much of what we believed we could rely on has broken down or been taken away from us. I believe that amidst this turmoil we’re all being offered the gift of becoming who we already are, but don’t yet know it. We all have a wonderful opportunity to create the world we wish for ourselves, our children and the children of the future.

To quote Goethe “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one.

Imagine – John Lennon

As a personal performance coach I help people find the key to unlock the door from where they are now, to move confidently forward to where they want to be, and support them on their journey.

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