A good friend recommended I go to Cheryl for Reiki for a stubborn pain in my shoulder. The treatment itself was a restful and pleasant experience and the shoulder problem cleared up after a few sessions. I turned to Cheryl for Reiki again following on from major heart surgery. We scheduled regular half hour sessions and after each one I felt energised and stabilised. Reiki helps to dispel the tensions resulting from anxiety and enables me able to cope better. I always feel a little stronger after a Reiki session and over time the effects have lasted longer. Whilst I am still recovering, I am sure that I am further along than I would have been without my Reiki sessions. Cheryl takes time to listen to my concerns and developments in my conventional treatments, which have been many and frequent. We set objectives for each session to guide the focus of the treatments. Cheryl has definitely helped me to regain my strength and confidence while I get myself back to normal activity levels.

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