I first met Cheryl at a pamper evening and then went to her for aromatherapy massages to help with my back. More recently my daughter has been under hospital care for severe symptoms similar to colitis.  After trying medications plus a few other therapies, the symptoms had improved but not enough for her to get through her GCSEs easily. Cheryl suggested she try Kinesiology. I trust Cheryl and her professional opinion so took her suggestion on board even though I’d not heard of Kinesiology My daughter was apprehensive but was quickly made to feel at ease by Cheryl’s caring and calm manner. She left the first session relaxed but a little unsure as the treatment is so different from anything that she’s experienced before. After several sessions we both saw the benefits, her pain levels had reduced and her symptoms had improved. My daughter and I feel that, along with the medication she is on, the Kinesiology sessions with Cheryl benefitted her greatly. Not only helping with her symptoms but also had a positive effect on the anxiety issues she struggles with.  I cannot recommend Cheryl enough. She gets the mix of professional yet caring just right and is always striving to find new ways to improve the services she offers and give added value to her clients.

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