NO HANDS Massage . . . a therapy for the future

I have had lower back and voice problems since my teenage years which I had never been able to successfully resolve. As a result of redundancy and a birthday present from my sister, I was given an opportunity for a taster-session with Cheryl.

My attitude to life is that life is very short and the older one is, the faster life seems to pass one by. So although I had never thought about “NO HANDS Massage”, given such a wonderful opportunity I thought, why not give it a go for the experience. It was a decision that quite frankly has changed the way that I experience and now view life!

My first session with Cheryl was very calming, especially since I am a person who finds it difficult to relax. I have always recognised that complementary health therapies take time to work and require effort from the patient as well as the practitioner. So, having experienced a very relaxing session, I was interested to explore the therapy further. Little did I realise the journey I was to embark on….

What I have discovered over the past couple of years working through Cheryl is that the human body absorbs experiences, (often negative ones) within the body which express themselves in my case as physical tension. This tension impedes so many basic but important functions such as being able to breath easily in stressful situations for example. In my particular case, this tension as I have come to discover has blocked my ability to handle stressful situations on so many occasions with my body reacting in ways in which my mind has been unable to control, which has proven to be truly debilitating.

My visits to Cheryl have been a journey of discovery and in many cases there has been an anticipation and excitement of what I might discover at the next session. Since starting treatment with Cheryl, she has been able to clear physical blockages / negative experiences within my physical body in a manner similar to peeling away the individual layers of an onion.

My tensions and blockages were first observed within my spine and my neck, then moved through my arms and legs. More recently the blockages are focused on my diaphragm and solar plexus. Once the blockages have been released during a session, they have been proved to have cleared in subsequent sessions, which for me, is truly exciting proof that I am really “bursting the bubble” of tensions that I have held within me all my life. I find it so much easier to relax now, I breath easier and have far fewer problems with my lower back and voice than I had to cope with when I was younger.

Cheryl is a very conscientious practitioner who is able to genuinely tune into the physical body to support the release of physical blockages. It has and continues to be an exciting journey working with Cheryl.

NO HANDS Massage” is a therapy of the future. It has helped me address challenges in my life that have come from a deep level within me and as a direct result I have grown in both my personal and professional life. I would definitely recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking to understand the underlying cause and effect of carrying such experiences unknowingly within them and bringing them out into the open in a safe and controlled manner. I am so grateful for having been given that first taster session and the opportunity to work with Cheryl over the past couple of years.

Ashley Bryant, Businessman, Taplow

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