Self care or self scare?

“In case of an emergency an oxygen mask will drop from a panel above your head. Please ensure you put on your own mask before attending to anyone else.“ I remember the first time I heard this as a parent, it didn’t sit right with me. My instinct would have been to...

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Breathe Life

Imagine sitting curled up in front of an open log fire. Feel its warmth on your face. See its flickering orange and yellow flames dance nimbly, reaching out as if to entice you in. A fire’s energy and vibrancy depends not only on kindling, paper, wood and matches but...

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The Eye of the Storm

I love walking in windy weather. I find it cleansing and invigorating. Storm Doris however was something else! Raging across the country at speeds exceeding 90 miles an hour, leaving a trail of chaos in her wake. Only the strong, stable and flexible left standing. How...

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From Chaos to Calm – Top Ten Tips

1. Stop, be still and breathe Now this may sound counterintuitive when you have a lengthy to do list and not enough time, but believe me it is worth it. When I take time - perhaps as little as 10 minutes - to withdraw from the immediate pressures of life, connect with...

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Are you the master of your destiny or do you feel at the mercy of people, events and circumstances? When we believe that our happiness and peace of mind is dependent on what another person does or does not do, or whether or not an event or experience goes our way, we...

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“Reach out and touch . . .”

"somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can". You may remember these words from the song by Diana Ross back in the 1970's. It's a great song to highlight the importance of touch. So how can touch make the world a better place? In this blog I am going...

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